Openers & Remotes for Businesses

Credit: Liftmaster
Photo Credit: Liftmaster

As a business owner, you don’t have time or money to waste on a broken door, and a well-functioning garage door opener is just as important as the garage door itself. Installing a garage door opener also offers benefits such as extending the life of the garage door by having a controlled open and close operation.

We offer an extensive selection of openers for every application from warehouses, to fire stations, to auto mechanic shops and more! Whether you need an opener for high traffic or heavy duty operations, our openers & accessories will work hard to make your business more efficient.

At Alpha Overhead Door, Inc, we work primarily with the top-rated brand Liftmaster and search out the industry’s most innovative technology to suit each of our customer’s individual needs. The combination of advanced technology, features and accessories provided by LiftMaster simplifies the process of determining the best solution to meet your specific automatic door operator application.

MyQ Technology

smart technology garage opener appLiftMaster® understands there are times when you need to provide access to your business that are not convenient for you. Imagine being able to open and close your commercial door for a cleaning crew or your own employees requiring access after hours, allowing you to enjoy dinner with your family.

With Liftmaster’s MyQ Technology, you can monitor, open or close your garage door from your smartphone with the MyQ app. The app will even send you activity alerts if your garage door is opened, or it gets left open for too long.

New openers with MyQ technology can be installed on any residential garage door, but there are also options to retrofit your existing opener with MyQ technology without installing a brand new opener. Talk to us about the best options for your needs today!

Remotes & Accessories

Accessories & remotes can make all the difference in creating a more efficient work environment. We also offer a wide selection of remotes, photo eye sensors, wireless keyless entry systems for opening your garage door without a remote control or key, remote controlled light options, and more! Our knowledgeable experts will guide you through choosing the best accessories for your businesses needs.

To further protect your home from intrusion, all of openers function on a modulating code which changes frequently to ensure that only your remote will open your garage door.

Our professional staff will assist you in every step of the process to offer recommendations based on every need & budget. Give us a call today and let us help you find the perfect opener technology to fit your need.