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We Provide Commercial Overhead Door Operator Repair Near You

Is your commercial overhead door starting to close and then automatically reversing? Have you noticed your door closing unusually slowly? Both of these issues are signs that you need commercial overhead door operator repair. You count on your commercial overhead door operator daily to maintain efficiency and safety for your business. 

So, when your overhead door isn’t working as it should, you need to partner with a committed, reliable commercial door company to get it back in shape. You need Alpha Overhead Door on your side! Contact us to book the best local commercial overhead door operator repair in Billings and Butte, MT, and our qualified technicians will quickly be dispatched to take care of your overhead door.

We Service and Repair All Brands and Models

We broadly train our commercial overhead door technicians to ensure they’re qualified to service and repair any brand, model, and type of commercial overhead door operator. Even if we didn’t install your system, we’ll guarantee the best results when it comes to repairing it and maintaining it to run reliably in the future. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with commercial overhead door operator repair in Billings, Butte, and everywhere in between. We’d love to assist you as well! Contact us to book service today.




What To Do When Your Commercial Overhead Door Is Malfunctioning

You count on your commercial overhead doors daily to keep your business running smoothly, so we know it can be tempting to ignore issues and continue operating the door, even when it’s not running as it should. However, remember that overhead doors are heavy and can be dangerous without proper operation and safety. If you notice your commercial overhead door won’t open, makes abnormal noises, or starts to open and reverses, immediately secure the door and attach an “Out of Service” sign before calling for professional help. 

Alpha Overhead Door is here to assist you with commercial overhead door operator repair in Billings and Butte, MT, ensuring your business experiences minimal downtime from a broken overhead door. Contact us when you notice an issue with your commercial overhead doors! Our overhead door professionals are standing at the ready to serve you.

Because so many individual parts work together to operate your overhead door, it’s difficult to know what the issue is when something goes wrong. If your commercial garage door isn’t opening, the most common problems are faulty sensors, damaged rollers, worn-out cables, and a malfunctioning opener. Contact a professional when you notice an issue, and Alpha Overhead Door will deliver fast commercial overhead door repair near you. 

Is your commercial overhead door operator malfunctioning, causing the door to start to close and then reverse? Don’t worry—resetting the system is simple! To reset your commercial overhead door, locate the operator’s reset button near the motor unit, press it, and hold it for a few seconds. If you’re still having trouble with your operator malfunctioning after resetting it, contact us for commercial overhead door operator repair near Billings and Butte, MT. 

If the time has come to replace your commercial overhead door operator, we can also help with that. We recommend LiftMaster and Linear products to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your overhead door system. Whether you have a small business or an industrial warehouse, LiftMaster and Linear have a broad range of solutions to help you find the best new commercial overhead door operator. 

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