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When it comes to choosing the right garage door opener for your garage door, there are many components to consider. One important component is the strength of the motor. This is a key piece to your garage door opener’s function because it determines the longevity and reliability of your garage door.

Here at Alpha Overhead Door, we are experts in garage door opener installation services in Billings and Butte, MT,  and we have a wide range of experience to help tackle all your garage door opener installation needs. Check out our great garage door opener brands below!

Belt drive and direct drive openers are the quietest. LiftMaster and Linear have some great options for quiet garage door openers including belt drive and wall mount options. 

We install LiftMaster and Linear garage door openers. 

Garage door openers can last about 10-15 years, depending on the brand you get. To extend the life of your garage door opener, we also recommend investing in regular maintenance to lubricate, tighten, and balance all of your garage door parts. 

Generally, your garage door opener will include a backup battery. This depends on the garage door opener you purchase, though. If it’s an older model, it may not have a backup battery. We recommend investing in a backup battery to give you peace of mind that your garage door will still operate during a power outage. 

Smart garage door openers come with WiFi connectivity, allowing you to control the garage door from your smartphone. It also allows for voice control, in-garage deliveries, automatic locks, and more. Some smart garage door openers also have security features like video recording and monitoring. 




Top Garage Door Opener Installation Services in Montana

At Alpha Overhead Door, we understand that garage door openers are responsible for the safety and functionality of your garage door. This is why we train our technicians to be the best in Montana, ensuring our customers can relax and trust that their garage door is taken care of. As experienced garage door opener installation experts, we take pride in providing quality service throughout all of Montana. Our garage door opener installation service area includes Yellowstone County, Missoula County, Lewis and Clark County, Gallatin County, and many more. If you have any questions about whether or not we service your area, please call (406) 652-5555 or (406) 221-7497 and one of our friendly staff members will let you know!

Our Garage Door Opener Brands 

At Alpha Overhead Door, we work primarily with top-rated brands like Linear Garage Door Openers and LiftMaster Garage Door Openers. We want to offer you the highest quality and most innovative technology on the market. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective, heavy-duty opener or a sleek, ultra-quiet function for garages below or beside living spaces (or if you’re simply tired of hearing the clunk of your garage door), our knowledgeable staff will listen to your individual desires and home’s needs to help you select the perfect opener and accessories!

Remotes and Accessories

With every opener our technicians expertly install, we include a wall station for the inside of your garage and visor remotes. Need more? We also offer a wide selection for upgrading your visor remotes, as well as keychain remotes, wireless keyless entry systems for opening your garage door without a remote or key, and more!

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Safety and Security

Because your garage door opener operates what could very possibly be the largest moving object in your home, we take its safety very seriously to protect your home and family. All of our garage door openers come equipped with safety eyes, which is an invisible sensor beam that spans across the opening of the garage that will reverse if it senses an obstruction. Our garage door openers will also reverse if the garage door hits an obstruction such as a box, bike, or garbage can.

To further protect your home from intrusion, all of the openers function on a modulating code that changes frequently to ensure that only your remote will open your garage door.


Both Linear and LiftMaster garage door openers offer a lifetime motor warranty and limited parts warranty on their operators, giving you good value for your money! Our professional staff will assist you in every step of the process to offer recommendations based on every need and budget. Give us a call today and let us help you find the perfect opener technology to fit your needs with our garage door opener installation services.

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Smart Garage Door Openers

Linear Smart Garage Door Openers

Take control of your garage security and convenience with a Linear Smart Garage Door Opener. With Linear’s Voice and App Controlled Garage Door Openers, you can easily monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere. Their smart garage door openers include the LDCO 850 and LDCO 852 to upgrade the ease of opening and closing your garage door. 

These smart garage door openers come with WiFi connectivity and an easy-to-use smartphone app for seamless installation and use. You can schedule garage door and light operations, and keep a log of all door movement for security. Even better, these smart garage door openers come standard with Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™, HomeLink™, and IFTTT™ integration for ultimate convenience!

LiftMaster Smart Garage Door Openers

Did you leave your garage door open? No problem! With LiftMaster myQ Technology, you can monitor and open or close your garage door from your smartphone with the MyQ app. The app will even send you activity alerts if your garage door is opened when you’re not home, or if it gets left open for too long.

New smart garage door openers with MyQ technology can be installed on any residential garage door, but there are also options to retrofit your existing opener with MyQ technology without installing a brand new opener. Talk to us about the best garage door opener installation options for your needs today!

Types of Garage Door Openers

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

A chain drive garage door opener is one of the most common varieties because of its simple mechanism and affordable price. However, because it operates on a metal chain, it can be a noisier option for garage door opener replacement.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

When it comes to quiet garage door openers, we tend to recommend a belt drive garage door opener. Instead of a metal chain, these garage door openers operate on a rubber belt. This cuts down on noise and vibrations dramatically, giving you a quiet and durable garage door opener.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

A screw drive garage door opener tends to be one of the more outdated options for new garage door opener installation. It operates with a trolley moving along a steel rod while the motor rotates the rod to open and close the garage door.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

A wall mount garage door opener is a popular modern option to upgrade the functionality and power of your garage door system. It is installed beside the garage door, attaching directly to the garage door springs. This makes it quiet, powerful, and long-lasting to give you a great bang for your buck when it comes to a new garage door opener installation.

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