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Specialty Doors

Commercial and industrial properties have unique commercial door needs to operate at their best. Because we’ve been operating in the Billings, MT area for so many years, we have become very familiar with the specialty door requests of local businesses. This is why we offer a wide range of commercial door options to ensure that your business is taken care of. Our commercial door technicians are highly trained and certified to perform any specialty door installation including hangar doors, four-fold doors, barn doors, commercial glass doors, and more. Learn more about our options for specialty commercial doors below!



Hangar Doors

Hangar doors can either open horizontally or upward. The difference between standard commercial doors and hangar doors is that hangar doors do not roll into themselves and store above the door. Hangar doors are a great investment for places that have limited headspace and need to be moved quickly without any issues. Hangar doors are also a great choice for anyone looking to store aircraft, crop sprayers, or medical helicopters.

Rolling Hangar Doors

Rolling hangar doors are mostly found at aircraft stations and airports. These doors can either open in one direction, bi-parting, or floating groups. Rolling hangar doors are best for when you have wide equipment like passenger planes.

Hydraulic Hangar Doors

Hydraulic hangar doors use a single panel that swings outward at a 90-degree angle when opening. These doors have fewer moving parts and are safe and reliable.

Bifold Doors 

Bifold doors have two sections that lift upward, but unlike the hydraulic hangar door, these fold halfway when opening, leaving more space on ramps or driveways.

Barn Doors

Folding barn doors are wooden modern style doors built to outfit large farm shops and machine sheds. You have the option to choose between a bifold barn door, a hydraulic barn door, or a sliding barn door. No matter what type of folding barn door you want, we are sure we can install it! Barn doors make it possible to store large objects such as planes and agricultural equipment like tractors and crop sprayers. Our barn door products include:

commercial overhead door services - specialty doors
  • Folding barn doors
  • Bifold barn doors
  • Pole barn sliding door
  • Roll-up barn doors
  • Insulated barn door
  • Outdoor barn doors
  • Pole barn doors

Commercial Glass Doors

Commercial glass doors are a great option for storefronts and restaurants. Commercial glass doors include multiple pieces of tempered glass and heavy-duty aluminum. Upgraded options even allow you to select insulated glass which will create an added thermal barrier between your workspace and the outdoors, keeping your business more comfortable. Commercial glass doors are durable and give visibility into the property where wanted. These commercial glass garage doors can be used for storefront doors, commercial glass entry doors, office spaces, restaurants, and more to enhance the beauty and serviceability of your business.

What Specialty Commercial Door Is Best For Your Business?

Not sure what kind of specialty door will best suit the needs of your business? We can help! Here at Alpha Overhead Door, we love to help local commercial and industrial businesses find the best commercial doors to upgrade the productivity and efficiency of their space. This is why we work with leading commercial door manufacturers, including Midland Garage Doors and Martin Door, to bring you a wide range of specialty commercial door products. Whether you own a warehouse, storefront, agricultural plant, or many more, we are equipped with the expertise and experience to give you the best outcome. So call Alpha Overhead Doors when you’re ready to discuss your options for hangar doors, barn doors, commercial glass doors, and many more!

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