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What Are Faux Wood Garage Doors?

Simply put, faux wood garage doors are steel garage doors that look like wood. On the interior, they have a standard steel or aluminum construction, but on the outside, they have a faux wood overlay. Faux wood garage doors are a great option if you want the aesthetics of wood garage doors without paying the extra cost or handling the maintenance. With faux wood doors, you get the upgraded curb appeal of wood garage doors and the incredible durability of steel garage doors.

Your Options for Faux Wood Garage Doors

Because wood-look garage doors are made by most manufacturers, they are broadly customizable to complement the exterior of your home. While mahogany, oak, and walnut are common choices for a faux wood overlay, we can work with you to find the wood finish you want. But more than just the wood color, faux wood garage doors are also available in all garage door styles including traditional, carriage, and modern. So no matter what your vision is for your new garage door, we can make it happen with wood-look garage doors. 

Depending on the manufacturer you choose, you can even find faux wood doors that are hyperrealistic to real wood. For example, some print the overlay material while others use a texturing mold to mimic the feeling of wood. We work with the best manufacturers to give you the options to suit your vision and budget for new faux wood garage door installation. Want to learn more about your options for steel garage doors that look like wood? Let Alpha Overhead Door be the garage door company you choose to get the job done right!




Benefits of Faux Wood Garage Doors

Affordable – While real wood garage doors can quickly get pricey because they are custom-built, faux wood garage doors are more affordable. This is especially true because of their steel construction and standard design options. With faux wood garage doors, you can get gorgeous new doors at a price you feel comfortable with.

Durable – Because faux wood doors are built with steel sections, they are more durable than real wood doors which are susceptible to moisture and pests. This gives you the peace of mind that your garage doors will last for years to come, even with minimal maintenance. 

Versatile – With faux wood garage doors, you don’t have to work with a specific manufacturer to find the product you want. All of our residential garage door manufacturers carry faux wood options, meaning we can find the perfect new door for you regardless of budget or turnaround time. 

Light Weight – Real wood garage doors are heavy and need special hardware to operate reliably. But with faux wood, you get a lighter steel construction, even with three layers of insulation. This means they can operate with standard tracks and openers, instead of needing a specialty garage door system.

Faux Wood Garage Doors Near You

Are you ready to learn more about your options for faux wood garage doors? Let Alpha Overhead Door provide you with the best products and services to ensure that your faux wood garage door will look great and last for years to come. We have operated in the Billings, MT area for decades so we can confidently perform any garage door installation or service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a new garage door consultation!

New Garage Door Installation Billings MT

Faux wood garage doors, built with a steel or fiberglass construction, are much tougher to crack and damage than others. They’re also much more resistant to sunlight and moisture and, unlike natural wood garage doors, they can’t be chewed through by common household pests and invaders.

Faux garage doors look like real wood but are actually made of different materials such as fiberglass or steel. What makes a garage door look like its wood is through using wood grain stains and overlays. The best part of having a faux wood garage door is getting the beauty of real wood without the added maintenance

Just like a regular garage door, faux garage doors aren’t immune to wear and tear over time. The good news is that compared to a real wood garage door, maintenance costs are far cheaper than natural wood, usually consisting of a recoat of paint whenever necessary. This makes faux wood the perfect budget-friendly garage door for any homeowner. 

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