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Insulated garage doors aren’t typically a high priority on homeowners’ list of considerations when choosing a garage door. Most think first of the style, design, color, and brand, all of which are important. However, insulated garage doors provide many benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. At Alpha Overhead Door, we encourage all our customers to invest in insulated garage doors because we know the payoff is great! 

8 Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

They may not add much to a garage door’s aesthetic, but the benefits of adding insulation to your garage door make it worth the investment! These are eight ways insulated garage doors benefit homeowners:

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  1. Energy Efficiency – Insulation helps regulate the temperature inside the garage, reducing energy costs associated with heating during winter and cooling during summer. 
  2. Noise Reduction – Added insulation can help reduce the amount of noise that enters or exits the garage, which can be especially beneficial for homeowners who use their garages as living or working spaces. 
  3. Increased Durability – Insulated garage doors are better able to withstand extreme temperatures and are, therefore, more durable than non-insulated garage doors. 
  4. Improved Comfort – Insulation makes the garage a more comfortable space by regulating the temperature and reducing drafts. 
  5. Protection for Storage Items – For homeowners who store personal items in their garages, insulation can help protect them from the damage caused by extreme temperatures, moisture, and other environmental factors. 
  6. Increased Home Value – Home buyers consider insulated garage doors a desirable feature that adds value to the home. 
  7. Lower Risk of Condensation – Insulated garage doors can help reduce the risk of condensation forming inside the door, which can lead to rust, mold growth, and other issues.
  8. Reduced Carbon Footprint – Positively impact the environment by reducing your home’s energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint.

R-Value and the Role It Plays in Insulated Garage Doors

The R-value is a measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow. Regarding garage doors, a higher R-value means better insulation. As mentioned above, the more insulated a garage door is, the more energy efficient it becomes. Our garage door specialists at Alpha Overhead Door can help you choose an insulated garage door with a high R-value that will improve your home’s energy efficiency and ultimately save you money. Contact our team to learn more!

Garage door installation

The Installation Process

Some garage doors come with additional insulation already added during the manufacturing process. Other garage doors have insulation added after they’ve already been installed. The insulation installation process may vary depending on the type of insulation being used and the specific garage door being insulated, but the following is a general overview of the installation process:

  1. Measure the Garage Door – Our technicians will measure the door’s height and width and any panels to be insulated to ensure the insulation is the right size and shape.
  2. Prepare the Garage Door – If the insulation is applied using adhesive, the door may need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried before installation. 
  3. Apply the Insulation – The garage door technician will cut the insulation to size and attach it to the door using adhesive, fasteners, or an alternative method. We pay close attention to gaps or seams in the door and ensure that the insulation covers these areas completely. 
  4.  Install the Retainer Clips – These clips hold the insulation in place. They’re metal and attached to the door using screws or other fasteners. Retainer clips help avoid shifting or sagging over time.
  5. Check for Gaps and Make Adjustments – We will double-check our work to ensure any gaps are filled with additional insulation or sealed with weather stripping.
  6. Test the Door – Our Alpha Overhead Door team always wants to leave your door better off than when we arrived, so we always test the door to ensure it operates smoothly. We will complete any necessary adjustments to the garage door springs or tracks.

Save Money With an Insulated Garage Door!

Alpha Overhead Door proudly serves Billings, MT, and Butte, MT, with high-quality, dependable garage door service. From garage door repair, garage door installation, entry doors, and more, we’re here to deliver the best garage door and customer service! Whether you are considering adding insulation to your existing garage door or are interested in a brand-new insulated garage door installation, our team is qualified and equipped to assist you. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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In most cases, garage door insulation can be added to an existing garage door, but it all depends on your door. Some older or low-quality doors may not have enough space between the panels or may not be strong enough to support the additional weight of the insulation. Schedule a consultation with us, and we can help you determine the best insulation options for your specific door. 

We recommend hiring a local, professional team of garage door experts, like Alpha Overhead Door, to handle garage door insulation projects. The location of the insulation and expertise in the application can impact the appearance and functionality of the garage door. If applied incorrectly, it could decrease your home’s curb appeal, and if the insulation is too close to the tracks, it may interfere with the door during operation. 

Yes, glass garage doors can be insulated, but the insulation method differs from other types of doors to ensure that it doesn’t affect the appearance of the glass panels. Some glass panels are made of multiple layers of glass with air or gas between them or a low-emissivity (low-e) coating that reflects heat back into the room. Other glass garage doors have insulation added to the door frame itself. Learn more about glass garage doors.

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