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Providing Garage Door Screen Repair in Billings & Butte, MT

Window and garage door screens protect you from bugs, leaves, and dust while allowing a cooling breeze to drift into your garage, patio, or home. However, when your screens are damaged or don’t have a tight seal around the frame, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy an insect-free interior.

Fortunately, most screen repairs are affordable and quick, allowing you to swiftly return to enjoying the best of both worlds without significant disruption to your daily routine. A skilled garage door screen repair professional can efficiently repair or replace screen frames and hardware or patch and install screen fabric, restoring your screen to like-new condition and comfort in your space. Give us a call to book an appointment with our experts today!

Common Garage Door Screen Repairs

With your garage door screen constantly exposed to weather, varying temperatures, and pests, it’s no wonder that damage can occur occasionally. Common repairs we see include patching small holes, replacing screen fabric, repairing hardware, and adjusting frames. We regularly complete screen repairs for garage doors, windows, entry doors, porches, patios, pool enclosures, and more. 

No matter the issue with your garage door screen, Alpha Overhead Door is here to deliver fast, effective repairs to have your screen running and looking like new. If you’re ready to book garage door screen repair in Billings or Butte, MT, give us a call!




Is It Time for Garage Door Screen Replacement?

Is your garage door screen damaged, outdated, or just not meeting your needs? Consider the benefits of a modern garage door screen replacement in Billings and Butte, MT. Our screens can transform the comfort and control of your garage, enhancing your home’s functionality. Let us assist you in finding the perfect solution for your space by calling now to schedule an appointment! 

We’ve partnered with Lifestyle Garage Door Screens to sell and install industry-leading products. These modern garage door screens are beautiful, durable, and easy to use, making them the perfect choice to enhance the comfort of anyone’s garage. And with versatile sizes, materials, and customizations, you can design your home’s perfect new garage door screen. Contact us to set up an appointment for garage door screen installation near you!

Need Help With Your Damaged Garage Door Screen?

Is your garage door screen getting stuck? Do you have tears or damage to the screen fabric? Did an accident cause your garage door screen frame to bend? Well, there’s no problem too complex for Alpha Overhead Door! We’ve been repairing and servicing garage door screens for years, so we can guarantee the best results when it comes to getting your screen back in good shape. We’d love to assist you with any garage door screen repair you need, guaranteeing fast service and reliable results. Contact our local experts to book your appointment today!

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Whether or not we can repair a tear in your garage door screen depends on its size. We can mend most small tears, but anything significant may require a complete screen replacement. 

There are a few common signs that you need to schedule garage door screen repair in Billings and Butte, MT:

  • Tears in the Screen
  • Bent Frame
  • Damaged Hardware
  • Stuck Screen

If you notice anything abnormal about your garage door screen’s operation or tears in the mesh are allowing pests into your garage, contact Alpha Overhead Door for assistance. We are happy to provide garage door screen repair near you, restoring your screen to complete, reliable function.

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