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Loading Dock Equipment

Make loading and unloading safer and easier with proper loading dock equipment! Let our commercial technicians expertly install dock bumpers to provide dock protection, levelers to bridge the gap between dock and trailer, or dock plates and tread stairs to speed up the loading and unloading process. From start to finish, we can upgrade your entire loading dock to make your business more productive and efficient.

Find out what you need to efficiently and safely load and unload, and give us a call today! We would love to complete your loading dock installation, repair, or maintenance on your schedule.




Loading Dock Installation in Billings, MT

Loading docks help you run your business with ease and safety. That’s why you need a perfectly fitted and custom-installed loading dock to ensure the productivity of your warehouse or storage facility. From dock levelers to dock bumpers and more, we work with the best loading dock manufacturers to upgrade your overall functionality. Our full list of loading dock products includes:

  • Dock Bumpers
  • Dock Levelers
  • Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • Dock Boards
  • Dock Lights
  • Air Curtain
  • Dock Plates
  • Dock Hooks 
  • Safety Equipment

Trust our commercial technicians to ensure you get the best equipment for your dock. They can take loading dock width and loading dock height measurements, and install custom fitting gear. Our commitment to helping with your dock planning will create the highest quality finished product for your commercial property.

Loading Dock Safety Equipment

Because a loading dock is a busy, fast-paced work environment, you need to outfit your loading dock with the best loading dock safety equipment. To ensure the safety of your employees and customers, let us upgrade your dock with the latest safety equipment. We install barriers, dock safety lights, truck restraint systems, and more. Each of the loading dock safety products will maintain the safety of your dock even on the busiest days.

Loading Dock Repair

After some time, even the best-outfitted loading dock will eventually need loading dock repair. Sometimes warehouse trucks or forklifts cause serious damage. In these situations, you need a loading dock repair company that will work quickly to get your dock up and running again. Our commercial technicians are broadly trained to complete all your loading dock repairs with efficiency and quality replacement parts. Our loading dock repair services include:

  • Bumper Replacement
  • Leveler Replacement and Repair
  • Spring Replacement
  • Hold-Down Repair and Replacement
  • Lip Extension Repair
  • Lip Extension Preventative Maintenance
  • Pump Repair and Replacement
  • Cylinder Replacement and Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Loading docks are installed on commercial buildings to act as a station for loading and unloading of equipment. It’s geared to make the process as efficient as possible. Loading docks will include levelers, hooks, and bumpers to allow access to the trucks that will be using the loading dock.

Loading dock equipment is installed to help prevent accidents. Dock barriers are one example, which stretch across the opening of the dock to prevent forklifts, products, or other equipment from escaping. Dock safety lights are crucial for nighttime operations so that workers can see their surroundings. Truck restraint systems lock trucks into place while the loading process is happening. They can secure a vehicle weighing up to 35,000 pounds. Dock safety equipment is very important to ensure your dock can operate safely and efficiently.

Loading dock levelers bridge the gap between the truck and the dock. A dock leveler will include a ramp and a lip that will be hinged to the ramp. Pit levelers are the most common kind of dock levelers, which are installed in concrete. Rail dock levelers and edge of dock levelers are also available. 

The average height of a loading dock is 42-56 inches. Dock leveler widths are usually 6, 6.5, or 7 feet. Loading dock dimensions can be customized to fit your building.

Yes, we offer loading dock repair. Because loading docks are in constant use, they encounter issues every once in a while. Common loading dock repairs include bumper replacement, dock leveler replacement and repair, spring repair, lip extension repair, and pump and cylinder replacement.

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