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What Are Wood Garage Doors?

Wood garage doors are an incredible option for new garage door installation. Custom-built entirely of wood, wood grain garage doors are unique and customizable and can upgrade your curb appeal and increase your home’s value. With a natural, real wood finish, your wood garage doors will add warmth and beauty to your home’s architecture.

But even though wood doors are specialty built, they still operate in the same way as standard steel garage doors. Wood roll-up garage doors run on tracks with springs and an opener just like any other garage door. However, because real wood doors are heavier than steel, we will offer you the best options for more powerful openers that can lift your wood roll-up garage doors with reliability.




Your Options for Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are one of the most widely customizable options for new garage doors. More than that, because each door is built from scratch, you get a unique product made to compliment your home. From the wood species to the exterior finish to additional external hardware, you decide every element of your new custom wood garage doors. You will be proud to show off your enhanced curb appeal with a new wood garage door!

Garage Door Style

An important initial consideration when designing your wood garage doors is which garage door style best suits your home. Wood doors are available in traditional, carriage, and modern options. You choose the raised or recessed paneling, window accents, and external finish. We would love to help you find the best wood garage door style to upgrade the look of your home!

Real Wood Options

Mahogany – Oak – Pine – Cherry – Cedar – Fir – Redwood – Aider – Reclaimed Wood

Benefits of Wood Garage Doors

Built To Last – Custom built with the best materials by woodworking professionals, wood garage doors are made to last for decades with the proper maintenance. More than just longevity, wood doors also resist denting and scratching, proving their durability. This means your wood roll-up garage doors will enhance the look of your home with minimal wear for years to come. 

Completely Unique To Your Home – Working with the best wood door manufacturers, we can ensure that you get a custom wood garage door built to your exact specifications. Whatever your vision or the unique needs of your home, we are here to give you the best outcome for your wood garage door installation.

Adds Home Value – Garage door replacement has been trending as one of the top home improvement projects for years. And wood garage doors provide the highest return on investment to increase the value of your home. They add incredible curb appeal and enhance the overall look and functionality of your home.

New Garage Door Installation Montana

Custom Wood Garage Door Installation Near Billings, MT

Because real wood garage doors are a specialty product, you need a garage door company that can confidently perform your wood garage door installation with the best services near Billings, MT. Here at Alpha Overhead Door, we have decades of experience providing the best wood door installation, service, and repair. We also work with the best manufacturers to ensure your wood garage door is built to your specifications, ready to serve your home with durability and style for years to come. So when you’re ready to discuss your options for wood garage door installation, contact us! View more options for wood doors in our Gallery! Our wood door experts installed each of those beautiful doors.

There are several benefits to having wooden garage doors. Wood garage doors are built to last by preventing denting and scratching. These custom built garage doors are also completely unique to your home, making your house stand out in the crowd with eye-catching designs.

Remove dirt, chalk, and mildew by washing your wooden garage door with a diluted solution of household detergent and warm water. Simple maintenance tasks yield long-term results! However, if the finish is badly eroded, it may be time for a replacement. Give us a call at (406) 652-5555 for a free consultation.

Wooden garage doors have a life expectancy of 15-30 years. Your wood garage door adds to your home’s beauty and value. With regular maintenance, you can preserve the appearance of your door and extend its lifespan. 

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