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Alpha Overhead Door is the first name in garage door repair. We have over 100 years of experience in the garage door industry, and we’re proud to serve our community in Belgrade MT. With all our experience and extensive training, we know that we can solve any issue your garage door is facing. Our team is ready to serve you as soon as you need us. Call us today at (406) 652-5555 for garage door repair in Belgrade MT. We’re ready to help you with garage door repairs!




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Alpha Overhead Door is your local, friendly team ready to tackle garage door repair in Belgrade MT. Our service team works diligently to provide accurate garage repairs the first time. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service with every project. We are committed to constantly improving our methods and learning about the new innovations within the industry. We try different products on the market so we can recommend the best garage door parts and openers to you. Our team serves Belgrade MT with a positive attitude and diligent work ethic with each job we come across.

Garage Door Issues to Look Out For 

We understand that it can be quite frustrating when your garage door stops working. It may trap your car in the garage or even lock you outside your home. That’s why we offer same-day garage door service near Belgrade MT. We’ll come to take a look at what’s plaguing your garage door and provide the best options for repair or replacement. Here are some garage door issues you may encounter: 

  • Garage door won’t open.
  • Garage door makes strange noises.
  • Garage door opens and then reverses.
  • Garage door only opens halfway.
  • Garage door comes off the tracks. 
  • Garage door moves slowly.
  • Garage door slams shut. 

If you do experience one of these issues, don’t hesitate to schedule garage repair in Belgrade MT. If you continue using your garage door, it will most likely make the problem worse. We’ll inspect your garage door system to find the issue and conduct your door repair in one same-day appointment.

Garage door repair prices vary, but most people will spend $150- $600 on garage repairs. But the exact price will depend on the type of repair and if you need a replacement part. 

Our trusted brands include Amarr, Midland Garage Door Co, Martin Door, Linear, LiftMaster, and Sunshine Door. We’ve tested many products from all these brands so we can recommend the best options when repairing or replacing your system.

If your garage door won’t open, make sure you aren’t having any electrical problems. Next, you can try to manually open the garage door. If this works, it shows that your garage door parts are working properly. Thus, most likely it is your garage door opener that’s experiencing issues. Give us a call and we’ll come to provide same day garage door service. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement in Belgrade MT

If you’ve been in the garage door industry for a time, you’ll be familiar with garage door springs. Essentially, they carry the weight of the garage door and allow it to move smoothly. Without springs, the garage door cannot function. They have a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles. Depending on how often your garage door is in use, this could translate to about 7-14 years. When they reach the end of their lifespan, they may snap. This will result in a loud noise; don’t be alarmed if you hear this. Stop using your garage door and give us a call. We’ll provide garage door spring replacement in Belgrade MT to ensure your home can operate at its best. 

Garage Door Opener Repair 

There’s a wide domino effect that happens when garage door openers experience failure. The whole system is impacted, as garage door openers are responsible for coordinating movement. When a garage door opener reaches the end of its lifespan or is damaged, it will most likely cause your garage door to stop moving. Garage door openers have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. This depends on how much your garage door is in use and if you keep up with maintenance. 

When your garage door opener stops working, your garage door will probably refuse to move. To troubleshoot the problem, try to reset your system. Sometimes electrical issues may get in the way of a functioning garage door. Give us a call when you experience any issues surrounding your garage door opener. We’ll come to inspect the system and conduct garage door opener repairs. If your garage door opener is too old or damaged, we may recommend a garage door opener replacement. We’re familiar with the best brands on the market, so we’ll install a garage door opener that will work well for your home in Belgrade MT.

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Contact Alpha Overhead Door for the best garage door repair services near you. Our team is proud to serve Belgrade MT with efficient garage door repair and installation. Reach out to us today or make an appointment on our website. We look forward to serving you!

Michael J.
Michael J.★★★★★
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"We recently had a broken spring so I called Alpha because we had a great experience with them at our previous home when they installed a new door. The person answering was friendly and professional and said someone would call soon. I wasn’t expecting Corin to call right away, much less show up ten minutes later and get right to work fixing the door. Corin did an excellent job and we had our garage door up and running smoother and quieter than it had before."
Katie B.
Katie B.★★★★★
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"My spring coil snapped on my garage door leaving my and my newborn stuck at home unable to go get the other kids from school. Andrew was here quickly (within 1 hour of calling) and was in and out! Very nice and professional. 5 star review from me! Thank you Andrew!"

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