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 Best Local Garage Door Repair in Bowler MT

Are you in need of expert garage door repair service in Bowler MT? Then look no farther than Alpha Overhead Door! Our expert garage door repairmen are prepared for whatever problems your garage door may be having. From broken garage door openers to damaged garage door panels, we can handle it all!

We offer many different garage door services in Bowler MT, including:

So whatever you need for your garage door, we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you detect a problem with your garage door. Some of these problems could be trivial and just minorly annoying, others could be major safety concerns, and if they’re ignored, could end up costing you a lot more than a simple garage repair. Call us today to get your garage door repair Bowler MT underway.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Near You

Do you suspect that you have a broken garage door spring? It’s usually pretty easy to tell if you do. If you heard a loud snap coming from your garage door, that was likely a spring breaking. If you see any gaps in the coils or anything hanging out of place, that also indicates that there’s a problem. Don’t try to use your garage door during this time! The springs help support the weight of the garage door, and it can be very dangerous to operate in this condition. 

Instead, call Alpha Overhead Door and let one of our highly-trained garage door technicians come to your home and replace your broken garage door spring. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure that everything is working perfectly and functioning smoothly before we go. Don’t let a broken spring stand in your way, give us a call today for garage door spring replacement in Bowler MT. We’ll make sure your garage door works safely once again.



New Garage Door Installation in Bowler MT

If you’re ready for an updated look to your garage, then give Alpha Overhead Door a call and let us install a new garage door. We have a wide array of styles, materials, and colors to choose from. And we’ll walk through the whole process with you so you can get the perfect garage door for your home. Whether you want a traditional look, a modern glass garage door, or a contemporary feel, we have it all! Check out our Gallery of the different styles we’ve installed! Our garage doors are very customizable, so you’ll be able to choose exactly what you want for your new garage door installation near Bowler MT.

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Call Today for Garage Door Repair Near Bowler MT

If you’re in need of garage door repair in Bowler MT, then give Alpha Overhead Door a call! We can help with all of your garage door repair needs. Don’t wait, let us take care of your garage door problems so you can get back to enjoying your day. Call now!

Your garage door sensors are likely misaligned or blocked. These sensors make sure that your garage door doesn’t close on anything. Try cleaning them off, and if that doesn’t work, give us a call and we’ll get them realigned.

We recommend yearly garage door maintenance to keep your garage door up-to-date and to catch any problems early on.

We do! We have a wide variety of glass, wood, and faux wood garage doors to choose from.

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