What wonderful people Alpha Overhead Door are!

One of my torsion springs broke, so I looked at reviews of overhead door companies near Billings, MT. It would seem all of them had 1 good review and 1 bad review? Having had previous experience with the company on 1st Avenue South, I was afraid to go to them. So I chose Alpha Overhead Door.

I made an appointment for 10:00am Christmas Eve, 2015. While making that appointment, I told them the situation and they said they would have to come by and determine what springs I needed. Having watched a few videos on YouTube, I thought I needed to take the one good spring down so we could figure out what size it was? So, while waiting for Matt to come by, I made some winding bars from 5/8’ths round stock and unwound the good spring.

When Matt from Alpha arrived, I asked if he would sell me the new springs and I felt confident I could install myself. I went to their shop and Matt sold me the springs, matching a price I had been given on the phone by “the other Overhead Door guys” down by the Metra. He then gave me two new screws and nuts, as my old ones weren’t the right size for these new springs. Then as I prepared to leave Matt realized the winding bars I had made wouldn’t fit the new springs SO HE LENT ME A PAIR AT NO CHARGE! It’s 6:15 pm and the door works great, and more importantly, my wife is very happy on Christmas Eve. What wonderful people Alpha Overhead Door are! Thanks So Much!

On a technical note; there are some great videos, really well done and step by step by ” youdoitstore” and they make this job very straight forward. Getting wind numbers 24-28 required a bit of strength and dexterity as you need to hold the wind while moving the winding bar. This is not a job for the disorganized and non-dextrous type. For $85.00-$100.00 the professionals will do the install. So you decide? This is what happened to/for us. I’m not associated with these folks beyond this transaction AND I’M A VIRGO! Very hard to impress.

I will hire them to replace this abortion-of-a-1970’s-door when the time comes. It’s super heavy and clunkety and from what I saw in the show room at Alpha, I can get a beautiful, modern door from a good bunch of folks! Thanks Alpha and Merry Christmas to All, and To All a Goodnight!

– Clessandra P.
December 2015