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Own a Smarter Garage Door! 

A Smart Garage Door Opener = A Smarter Garage Door System

Your garage door opener could be the key–pun intended!– for a smart garage door. Aside from the classic up, then down motion you need from your garage door, there are so many other things that your garage door can provide. Evolving from simple convenience and protection, an advanced garage door opener unlocks major safety and security features.

A garage door is commonly used as a main entry point for families. The front door is just for people who need to ring the doorbell! 

Here are some quick stats of homeowners and the relationship they have with their garage spaces, courtesy of Garage Living:

  • 90% of realtors believe anyone buying a home wants their garage to provide more functionality than just parking vehicles.
  • 89% of garage owners would like to improve their garage spaces. 
  • 52% of homeowners want a garage door that their neighbors would envy.

With Alpha Overhead Door, we have expert garage door opener installers who can demonstrate and talk you through how a garage door opener can change your life, or you can read from the list below:




5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a Smart Garage Door Opener

1. Operate Your Garage Door From Anywhere

It may sound weird, but you could open your garage door from your phone. The smart garage door opener’s connectivity to an app on your smartphone puts you in control to operate your garage door from anywhere. Open your garage door now on command, whether you’re actually at the office, the park, the gym, or all the way from Tahiti if you’re traveling. 

2. Coordinate Deliveries With Your Garage Door Opener

If you would like to let a guest in while you’re out, a smart garage door opener can signal indoor and outdoor video monitoring. Let your house sitter or house guest in and have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your Amazon delivery won’t be swept off your doorstep, or your dogs are handled by strangers. Gone are the days when you have to leave a key under the mat!

3. Integrate with Voice Technology

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant can help you open your garage door and more with some of LiftMaster and Linear’s wireless garage door openers. 

4. Product Warranties That Have You Covered

With any product or installation, you will eventually need repair. Smart garage door openers come with numerous warranties and guarantees if it experiences theft or damage. Alpha Overhead Door can help you select the right model and brand for you, so the product warranties aren’t the only thing protecting you.

5.Own a More Reliable Operating System

A smart garage door opener offers a lot of techy promises, but they still specialize in one thing: opening and closing your garage door. Without wandering too far from its purpose, you can own a more reliable operating system with:

  • Full-coverage lighting
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Soft opening and closing
  • Battery backup for functionality during power outages

We Help Pick the Right Garage Door Opener For You

We recommend and install the most dependable garage door opener brands, Linear and LiftMaster, and help guide garage owners to a garage door opener that works best for them. For those who are merely graduating from a chain-drive opener, there are Linear and LiftMaster openers that have varying technological levels, so you can own a smart garage door opener with technology you’re comfortable with. The team at Alpha Overhead Door are garage door installer experts and have each garage owner’s best intentions in the garage door opener services provided. 


Known for their hassle-free shipping and installation, Linear is one of our garage door opener brand favorites!


Read off some of the best features from Linear (LSO50 model):

  • Noise reduction technology
  • Compatible with belt-drive or chain-drive rails
  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • Diagnostic system indicates six possible trouble conditions
  • Dual 100-watt lamp and deluxe wall station
  • 5-year warranty on mechanical, and 1-year warranty on electrical
  • All operator controls and indicators on one side
  • Operator includes three-button MCT-3 visor transmitter


With the number one leading name in the industry, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality LiftMaster garage door opener.

liftmaster garage door openers

Here are just some of the highlighting features from LiftMaster (84602 chain-drive model):

  • Quiet opening & closing with a strong belt drive
  • Sensors that prevent the door from closing on barricades
  • Secure protection against forced entry
  • Smartphone open/close control
  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • 1-year warranties on various parts
  • Control panel allows users to enable lockout feature
  • Add-ons include remote light control & door/gate monitor

Advance With Alpha Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Installation

If you’re considering investing in a new garage door opener system and you love the idea of a door you can control from anywhere, one of our smart garage door openers is ready for install!

Especially if you’re not home as often as you’d like, you can use your garage door opener as an assistant that can accept Amazon deliveries but keep the contents in your home and garage safe and secure.

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