Garage Door Safety Tips for Families with Children

Be A Role Model for Your Kids on Garage Door Safety

Garage door safety for families should be established from the get-go whenever you’re near the heaviest and largest moving object in your home. Young children should always be supervised when they are near the garage or operating the door. Garage doors are meant to protect our home and belongings, so show your children the correct way to operate the garage door, and always prioritize safety over convenience.

Garage Door Entrapment Protection

The automation of garage doors is wonderful and wildly convenient, but remember how heavy your garage doors weigh! An unbalanced garage door can cause injury or even death if it closes on a person. A well-functioning garage door opener and garage door springs will safely lift and close your door but can be dangerous if misused. Children may be unaware of the force exerted by the door or may attempt to pass under a closing door, putting themselves at risk of entrapment.

Since the 1990 federal legislation, all garage doors have been required to have entrapment-protection technology like sensors and motion detection. However, kids should be cautious around the control buttons or remote devices, as pressing them without proper awareness may cause the door to close unexpectedly.




Establish Distance From Your Garage Door

From a child’s perspective, garage doors are giant and in motion with the press of a button. When the garage door starts moving and making noise, they probably seem pretty cool to your kids! 

Establish some distance from your garage door to practice your family’s safety around them. Garage doors have various moving parts, including hinges, springs, and rollers. Children should avoid placing their hands, fingers, or any objects in the door’s mechanisms. Pinching or crushing injuries can occur if body parts or items become caught in the door’s tracks or between its panels.

Show How A Garage Door Operates to Little Ones

Children are curious about everything! Show your children how the garage door operates and explain the different components, such as springs, cables, and sensors. Lay out the potential hazards and the consequences of improper use so they understand garage doors are not for play. Also, make sure they understand to ask for adult assistance when operating the door. 

Garage doors can also limit visibility, especially when closing. Children should always ensure they have a clear line of sight before attempting to walk or run through the doorway. Playing games or running in close proximity to a closing or moving garage door is not advisable.

Establish clear rules and guidelines for using the garage door. Teach your children when it is safe to enter or exit through the door and emphasize the importance of waiting for the door to fully open or close before passing through.

Garage Door Safety & Maintenance

Update Your Old Garage Door!

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Older or poorly maintained garage doors may have worn-out components or faulty mechanisms, making them more prone to accidents. Contact Alpha Overhead Door for a garage door replacement to update problem joints within your old garage door system. Also, contact our Safety and Maintenance experts for professional garage door maintenance. 

Your garage door could malfunction due to a lack of maintenance, and one of our technicians could potentially renew your older garage door with some simple procedures. Regular maintenance, including lubrication, inspection of springs and cables, and repairs when needed, is crucial to ensuring garage door safety for families.

Refer to Manufacturer Instructions for Additional Safety Measures

To promote garage door safety, parents should educate their children about the potential risks, establish clear guidelines for using the garage door, and supervise young children when they are near or operating the door. Also, consult the garage door manufacturer’s instructions and follow any recommended safety measures.

Consult with Alpha Overhead Door for Your Garage Door Needs

Garage doors can still pose a safety risk when they’re not in motion. Schedule an appointment with Alpha Overhead Door to take care of all your garage door needs. We’ll make sure everything is in good working order and advise or recommend necessary repairs or adjustments. Practice essential garage door safety for your family with a garage door repair or maintenance appointment today!

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