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Garage Doors Colors

Garage door colors greatly contribute to curb appeal, which few people realize. Garage doors are a focal point of your home’s exterior, given that they take up so much surface area.  While people typically don’t associate garage doors with modern design, combining the two can be a game-changer for your home. Garage doors don’t have to blend in with all your exterior features and become invisible. There are bold garage door paint colors that will make your garage door pop. Recently, people have been drawn to modern garage door designs that look sleek and sophisticated. You can have a secure garage door that will protect your home while also being stylish and eye-catching. Here are some of the garage door paint colors available on the market today:

Bold Garage Door Paint Colors

These colors may be a little out of the ordinary when it comes to garage color ideas. However, they make a garage door stand out. Also, these colors don’t have to be used to cover the whole garage surface, but rather could act as accents for designs or frames. 

Black Garage Doors 

Black is certainly a bold choice for a garage door. Recently, black garage doors have become very popular due to their understated elegance. Amarr Garage Door colors include black if you would like to see their collection. Black can still match your exterior colors while acting as a bold focal point.

Red Garage Doors

Arguably the boldest color choice, red demands attention. Depending on the exterior of your home, red could work well to create contrast. There are lighter shades of red that are more understated. Still, choose carefully if you decide to use red. 

Yellow Garage Doors 

Yellow is a color you don’t see often on garage doors. It is associated with light and happiness, so if your home’s exterior colors are light yellows or neutrals, you could consider using yellow for a garage door paint color.

Purple Garage Doors 

Purple has the potential to work as an accent color, against a neutral such as black or gray. Modern homes with darker colors may tie in well with purple. 

Blue Garage Doors 

Blue operates similarly to purple. It would perhaps work better as an accent color or against darker features.

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Neutral Garage Paint Ideas 

Neutrals are the main colors you’ll find on garage doors. They easily blend in with the exterior features of the home and aren’t overly dramatic or striking. Overhead garage door colors can still be beautiful as neutrals.

White Garage Doors 

White’s a classic. It’s simple, clean, and will look beautiful with almost every house color. White garage doors go especially well with greek style homes. 

Almond Garage Doors 

This off-white color is a great option if your home’s paint colors are tans or shades of brown. Almond is a wonderful garage door paint color for traditional homes. 

Sandstone Garage Doors 

Sandstone also goes well with shades of brown and lighter neutrals. This may be more popular than white, as it blends in well. If you are looking for a color that will blend the garage door into the house, sandstone is a great option.

Brown Garage Doors 

Brown’s a great color because of its versatility. Lighter shades can match almost any color, but darker browns will have to be used carefully. They can still make for beautiful garage doors, especially when the material is wood. Log cabins and barndominiums in particular look gorgeous with dark brown garage doors. Stained garage doors are also available, which give an expensive look without the high price tag. 

Gray Garage Doors 

Gray garage doors are especially elegant. They go extremely well with houses that have gray paint on the exterior. You can go lighter or darker with the garage door shade so that it will provide some contrast.

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Consider Your House Style Before Deciding

It’s important to take your house style into consideration before choosing your garage door color. Do you have a colonial, modern, greek, victorian, or traditional architectural style? How do the colors match and contrast each other? Most garage doors are customizable, so you pick your garage door color shade, along with materials and design. Windows and insulation can be added as well. Garage paint ideas are open to creativity and freedom; use your imagination!

Looking for a New Garage Door Color?

Alpha Overhead Doors installs beautiful garage doors with attention to precise workmanship. Our friendly team of professionals handles each project with excellent customer service and treats your home with respect. If you have questions about garage door paint colors, give us a call. We’ll help you find the perfect garage door for your home.

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