What Are Modern Garage Doors?

American homeowners are getting away from traditional architecture, and are leaning more towards contemporary home styles. It is no surprise that people are pairing their 21st-century homes with modern garage doors. Modern garage doors are the cherry on top for any homeowner wanting a distinctive garage door to bring their curb appeal together. But what is attracting homeowners to modern garage doors? Could it be the sleek design or maybe the effortless wow-factor? Either way, modern garage doors are making a statement in the home improvement industry!

What are Modern Garage Doors? 

Modern garage doors, also known as contemporary garage doors, are clean and simple garage doors that complement updated or newer homes. There is a common misconception that modern garage doors only refer to glass garage doors, but really there are multiple subcategories of modern garage doors like Mid Century Modern, Contemporary, and Farmhouse Modern. Modern garage doors also come in many different materials, including wood, glass, steel, and aluminum. Unlike traditional and carriage garage doors, modern garage doors have a large variety of unique designs and styles so the options for customizations are endless! Some of the common modern garage door traits are:

  • Neutral colors such as beige, black, and grey 
  • Asymmetrical designs and compositions
  • Large bands of windows, framed in metal, often stacked instead of horizontal
  • Streamlined look 
  • Crisp lines



Most Common Types of Modern Garage Doors 

Full View Glass Garage Doors 

Full view garage doors are made of heavy-duty glass and aluminum to create a modern, polished look. Glass garage doors can have a frame or are frameless, and you can choose the color and construction of the glass. These garage doors will complement any home and instantly increase the curb appeal. Glass garage doors are also more durable than you may think and have an easy maintenance routine.

full view glass garage door
glass garage door
commercial glass doors

Modern Plank Garage Doors

Modern plank garage doors use a mixture of materials and architectural lines to create a refreshing, eye-catching garage door. These doors closely resemble traditional garage doors but have a few present-day twists. Importantly, plank garage doors typically feature wide, flushed panels and large stacked windows like those in the white modern door pictured.

modern plank garage doors
black garage doors
Modern garage doors

Contact Alpha Overhead Doors for Modern Doors!

Modern garage doors allow for full creativity and innovation, so it is really your choice on how far you want to take your garage door. With the unlimited choices of modern garage door styles, materials, colors, and construction, it seems like this is a trend that will be around for centuries.

Alpha Overhead Door can help you bring your modern garage door dreams to life with just one phone call! Whether you are looking to upgrade your garage door or add to your new home, we are sure we can help you design the right modern garage door for you. If you are interested in learning more about modern garage doors, you can call us!

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