How To Get Homeowner’s Insurance to Cover Garage Door Repairs

If you’ve had to deal with garage door repairs, you know that sometimes it can be quite tedious, not to mention expensive. Larger repairs can also lead to replacements, which come at an additional cost. This may cause you to wonder: how can I get homeowners insurance to cover garage door repairs?

First, it’s important to understand what kind of coverage you have, especially considering where you live. For example, areas that experience frequent severe weather are more likely to cover weather damage because it can cause a lot of destruction. If you don’t have coverage, paying out of pocket can come at a high cost and hit when you least expect it.

Know Your Policy 

The key to understanding what insurance will cover is knowing your policy. Different insurance companies and policies will cover different things. When you are selecting your homeowner’s insurance, make sure to find policies that include garage door repairs.

For example, this type of insurance policy will typically cover damage induced by members of the family. This could include someone crashing their car into the door or hitting it with an object, like a baseball bat. If someone outside your family damages the garage door, such as a neighbor, they will have to review their insurance policy, as they will be the one paying for it. If your garage door is separate from your house, also review if damage will be covered, since it may not technically be considered part of your home. Since all of these details can impact your insurance coverage, making sure you understand your policy is an important step to getting the best outcome for your home’s damage.

Weather Damage

When it comes to weather damage, it gets a little more complicated. Certain natural disasters may not be covered, while others are. For example, you may have wind and hail damage insured, but not flood or earthquake damage. It’s important to look over what homeowner’s insurance will pay for, considering your location. If you are on the coast, you will want flood and hurricane insurance. If there are large trees located by your house that could fall on your garage door, see if that kind of damage is covered. Be smart about what your insurance policy includes, given external factors. You want garage door repairs covered if you are around elements that may cause destruction.

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Criminal Activity

If you experience any kind of criminal activity, such as a break-in, most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the cost of garage door repairs. This would most likely also include smaller criminal acts such as graffiti. Keep in mind that you will have to prove the amount of damage that’s been done, so it’s good to document the event and any missing items as soon as the break-in or vandalism occurs.

When Damage Occurs

If you do experience damage to your garage door, there are a few steps you should take:

  1. Review your insurance policy. Look specifically at the section detailing garage door repairs and what kind of damage is covered.
  2. Document evidence. Take lots of pictures of your garage door.
  3. Have a garage door service technician come to assess the damage. Make sure you do this quickly after the damage has occurred. 
  4. File a claim with your insurance company. 

There may be certain extraneous situations that insurance decides to cover, but it all depends on the company, policy, and amount of damage. The key to being prepared for this type of situation is being familiar with your insurance policy. No one can know what kind of damage will befall them, which makes it difficult when deciding on an insurance policy. Take into consideration your location and family situation. Do you have any new drivers? Do you receive a lot of harsh weather? We always recommend finding an insurance policy that does include garage door repairs, just because you never know when you might need it.

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