Top 6 Garage Door Services Alpha Performs

Alpha Overhead Door provides both residential and commercial door repairs in Billings MT, along with surrounding areas. People call on us because of our commitment to excellent service and high-quality work. Garage doors are an important piece of the home, increasing curb appeal and providing safety for the inhabitants within. Because of this, we take pride in our garage door repairs and installations. Here are our top six garage door services we get called upon to perform:

Residential Garage Door Repair 

Alpha conducts all types of garage door repair services. For residential homes, we come to assist you at your convenience. We are prepared to handle all different types of repairs and can answer any questions you may have. Here are some of the garage door repairs we perform:

These five types of repairs are crucial to garage door maintenance. Our service team is well trained and ready to tackle any replacement you may need. We keep only the best parts on hand and can help recommend our favorite products. If you are looking for garage door repair near you, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Alpha Overhead Door in Billings MT.

Residential Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation should be handled by professionals that you trust. Correct installation will result in a functional garage door that should last for years to come. Some of the types of installations that we handle are: 

These five versatile types of installations allow you to call on us for the door installation you need. We offer customizable garage doors, where you decide on color and style. We also install garage door openers, screens, and entry doors. We can help you decide on products and then conduct the installation for you. 

Residential Garage Door Maintenance 

It’s very important to stay on track with garage door maintenance. Doing so decreases the likelihood of severe issues popping up down the line. Routine garage door maintenance normally includes: 

  • Tightening and lubrication of parts
  • Door balance test 
  • Checking safety mechanisms
  • Replacing faulty parts 

If you are routinely ensuring that your garage door parts are in great condition, they are less likely to unexpectedly break down. Our technicians perform routine maintenance calls to check up on your garage door system.



Commercial Garage Door Repair

We also provide door repair services for commercial locations. If your business needs repairs with an overhead door, we are prepared to help you throughout the process. These are the commercial door repairs we provide: 

We focus equal attention on commercial and residential repairs, so we are well-versed in various services. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you are experiencing any type of overhead door issues, as we are confident we can tackle it. Commercial garage door repair near you has never been more convenient.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Commercial garage door installations are handled with the utmost care by our service professionals. We know how important it is to install garage doors correctly, and we only hire the best-qualified team of people to conduct installations. Here are the types of installations we do:

  • Roll-Up Door Installation
  • Rolling Sheet Doors Installation
  • Service Door Installation
  • Operator Installation
  • Loading Deck Equipment Installation
  • Specialty Door Installation
  • High-Speed Door Installation

We are ready to provide the commercial installations listed above for your company. Feel free to call us at your convenience with any questions or notes. 

Commercial Overhead Door Service

Garage door maintenance is very important for both residential and commercial garage doors. We encourage you to schedule overhead door service if you notice anything strange happening with your overhead door. This may include hearing odd noises, noticing slow garage door movement, or seeing the garage door stops halfway up or down. Our service team can quickly diagnose the situation and come to a solution. If you schedule service as soon as you are aware of an issue, it should prevent further problems from appearing later.

Contact Us for Garage Door Service Near You

Here at Alpha Overhead Door, our technicians are qualified to perform both commercial and residential garage door repairs. We conduct repairs with high attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Contact us next time you need garage door service near Billings MT. We would love to serve you with one of our top six garage door services or address any overhead door needs that you have.

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