How to Choose a Garage Door

Your garage door typically makes up 1/3 of your home’s curb appeal space, and the 2022 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report estimates 93% of the cost will be recouped at resale, ranking as the #2 remodeling project for high return on investment in MT!

We want to make the process of choosing a door fun and easy, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the perfect garage door:

1. Choose your garage door first.

As a general rule, there are fewer color and style options available for garage doors. We’ve seen it happen before—a customer chooses the siding, trim, and entry door first, only to find that no garage door matches quite right. The solution is simple—choose your garage door first and your options will expand to create a cohesive, impressive design.

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2. Choose your insulation.

Is your garage heated? We highly recommend an insulated garage door for energy efficiency. You can choose from a vinyl back (medium insulation) or full steel wrap (high insulation) for increased protection. Insulation will also help protect the look of your door. It happens all the time—the repairman hits the inside of the door with a ladder, or the kids dent it while playing in the garage. By adding another layer of steel, damage on the inside is less likely to be seen on the outside, extending the life and look of your door.



3. Choose your material.

  • Wood garage doors offer a timeless look with natural warmth and beauty. Homeowners can also choose the type of wood, style, and stain color to customize to their home. We even offer custom wood garage and entry doors for a completely unique look. Wood garage doors require regular maintenance by applying stains every couple of years, making them a high maintenance option.
  • Steel garage doors are a popular, durable option, offering easy maintenance and a variety of design choices for a quality look. There are even steel garage doors designed to look like wood, offering a wood look that is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Aluminum garage doors offer options for contemporary, sleek modern styling. The large expanse of glass in between the aluminum frame brings natural light to brighten your indoor space. Aluminum is rust-resistant and low maintenance.

4. Choose a style.

No matter what your style or budget is, you want a garage door that complements the beauty of your home.

  • Traditional styling coordinates with the architecture of most homes and offers design options that stand the test of time.
  • Carriage house garage doors replicate a vintage look. They look like the doors swing open, but they offer the modern convenience of opening overhead. There are so many design options in this style, from barn doors to carriage house style, making it easy to customize to your home’s unique design.
  • Contemporary garage doors complement the clean lines of a modern home while adding curb appeal and light. They are available in a variety of window and color options.

5. Choose windows and decorative hardware.

Solidify your home’s unique style by choosing from a variety of window options, bringing style and natural light, and decorative hardware

No matter what your style or budget, we have a door for you! Visit Amarr’s online door designer, stop by our large showroom, or give us a call to let us make this process fun and easy for you.

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